3D Modeling Tournament

TooTallToby – 2023 Speed Modeling Tournament Models

Round 1 – Light to Medium Difficulty Models

Round 2 – Medium to No-So-Medium Difficulty Models

Round 3 – Kind-of Hard Models

Round 4 – You got to be kidding me!! Difficulty Models

These models should build in any 3D modeling system. Some features will be easier or harder in one system or another but all systems should be able to accurately reproducer the model and calculate the mass properties. Mass values are used as a “check-sum” to check for correct volume.

Please note that units are not all imperial or metric and the material density may not match the default of your system, requiring you to setup material properties before checking.

These parts were part of the TooTallToby YouTube challenge and are available either on

YouTube –> https://www.youtube.com/@TooTallToby

Toby’s website –> http://tootalltoby.com